Christian was missing for practically five pages where everyone thought he died in the helicopter. My heart sunk.

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Oh by the way.

I am at the part of the second book where Christian asks to marry Anastasia and she burst out laughing. I swear when I read his proposal I dropped my book and began to giggle. These books!!!! They have such an effect on me!!!!

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These Fifty books have me hooked.

I haven’t been able to get my mind off of them. 

I am interesting myself with how much time I am dwelling on the characters. I am trying to understand them and learn them and really know them.

Without even knowing it I feel I have a incredibly good hook on Anastasia and how she feels and how she is. I feel like I can relate a lot actually. Not what she is doing per say since I am still a virgin but her motives and her thought process. 

I am an actress and I am seriously considering hunting down a agent and telling them that I want this role. Because I do. I want to play Anastasia Steele. I figure if I want it bad enough I will at least have a fighting chance.


These books are amazing.
I finished fifty shades of grey and I take back my comment before about the belt.
I am blazing through the second book and that makes me terribly sad because there is only one more book after that.
Anastasia and Christian never cease so amaze and surprise me.
I wish I had my own Christian Grey, kinks, shadows, troubles, and all.

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Oh. My. Gosh.

You guys. Fifty shades of grey is amazing!!! I can’t stop reading it. Right now Anastasia is in Georgia visiting her mom and she is talking with Christian. 

I hit my foot on my work belt tonight and I suddenly thought about how much I would like Christian to do something to me with that belt. 

I am actually still a virgin and suddenly BDSM sounds very enticing.